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Scenic Stone Cabochons Page 2
More wonderful collectors cabochons rare and beautiful specimens from all over the world a lot of which are now all mined out and no longer available except from private collections. Please click on the photos to get better look at each stone.

Huge!!! Stunning large Sand Dune Jasper
Sand dune jasper or Wave dolomite
comes from Mexico, it is classed as a scenic stone
as it can have great desert views or wave like
scenes, with beautiful sunset colours.
It has a high gloss polish
It measures 49mm by 27mm 7mm thick
It costs £22.00 GBP

Large Rare Wild Horse Scenic Jasper
Wildhorse Picture Jasper is from the Owyhee Mountains
in Southeastern Oregon.
It was first mined in the 1960's.
It was named after the bands of
wild horses that roamed the area.
It measures 43mm by 22mm 5mm thick
It costs £22.00 GBP

Stunning large Sand Dune Jasper
material from New Mexico with stunning patterns nd colours, this material
is uniquely stunning and takes
a very high grade polish. this material
is uniquely stunning and takes
a very high grade polish.
It measures 40mm by 25mm 4mm thick
It costs £16.00 GBP

Owyhee Jasper Cabochon
Known as the king of picture jaspers,
this beautiful material is from the Oregon Mountains in America.
It is known for its Blue skies and golden landscape, this material
is uniquely stunning and takes
a very high grade polish.
It measures 31mm by 29mm 5mm thick
It costs £17.00 GBP


Hand Cut Dead Camel Jasper Cabochon
Dead Camel jasper from Nevada is a relative newcomer to the lapidary scene, but it has rapidly grown to be one of the current favorites.  It's a very hard jasper, with busy, brecciated patterns in a mix of pink, yellow and blue.It is similiar to owhee but more colourful and makes glossy polished cabs.
It measures 38mm by 19mm 5mm thick
It costs £17.00 GBP



Blue Biggs Jasper Cabochon
The most famous and collectable of all the American Picture Jaspers.
Blue Biggs is the rarest, and most prised for the
Blue in the landscape, and is no longer mined.
The material now comes only in small amounts from collectors.
It is therefore very very rare and collectable.
The material was discovered whilst they were constructing
the highway at Biggs Junction in Oregon.
It measures 37mm by 20mm 5mm thick
It costs £21.00 GBP


Rare Deschutes Jasper Cabochon
Deschutes Picture Jasper comes from Oregon
and was discovered by Hoot Elkins.
It has long since been mined out,
and is considered to be
a rare collectable Jasper
which is highly prized
by jewellers and collectors
for its beautiful polish
and earthy landscape detail
It measures 34mm by 39mm 5mm thick
It costs £17.00 GBP


Mimbres Jasper or Apache Rhyolite Cabochon
Stunning rare material from the Arizona border, it takes a matt porcelain polish with stunning moody scenes this material is highly collectable and rare
It measures 42mm by 18mm 5mm thick
It costs £14.00 GBP


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