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About Us Jan 2022

Designer Cabochons is a family run business by myself and my partner who consider ourselves stone cutters or lapidary artists. We are based in West Yorkshire, England, and we are mainly an internet business, although we do try to attend gem and bead fairs here in England. Our customers come from all over the world, and from all creative fields.

We do not have a physical shop, as this would not be practical for us given the time required to run.

We are passionate about lapidary it is a labour of love, Yes there are other places you can purchase cabochons, but if you want rare, bespoke quality stones with a mirror shine and an excellent cut then buy from us and we promise you will not be disappointed. I am always happy to discuss personal design and cutting requirements.

The reason we decided to sell our high quality stones started when we discovered there is a severe lack of rare and interesting Cabochon stones on the market for true artists who want quality and not quantity. All that seemed to be available was standard calibrated stones like rose quartz (whilst nice for those who like it), we wanted something different to set off our jewellery designs, so we were sure other artists would feel the same and this is where it all started from. We became interested in lapidary and began to cut our own stones from rough slabs, now we spend a lot of time sourcing rare materials from all over the world to cut into our art gem cabochons.We have become more and more interested in rare and unusual material from America especially the fine and picture jaspers that are found there. Through this we have started to gain valuable knowledge about different materials, their origins and rarity. You can not help but to become addicted to these stones. We sell our stones to people from all over the world and they are very popular with all sorts of different people from beaders to collectors to jewellers.We believe our stones really will make that difference to your creative projects. We have tried to include stones in all price ranges from the cheaper tumbled polished student cabochons, to the rare Diamond polished Deschutes collectors cabochons, which we also sometimes source from a trusted rough rock suppliers. I always urge people to buy the designer stones as once you have seen a diamond polished stone you will never buy a tumbled stone again, after all what is the point in pouring your talents and creative efforts into a piece then putting a cheap stone in it just to save a few pounds. I believe our stones are like mini works of art. Alot of time and effort goes into each stone and we never mass produce stones so you know you will get something rare and unique.We are constantly sourcing new material so as to keep the stones on our site exciting and different we never bulk buy material instead we prefer to source small amounts of rare and unique material.

To us these stones are more precious than diamonds as each one is so unique, they can look like miniature worlds or huge landscape scenes in fact their diversity is infinite. So if you are fed up with boring bog standard stones, take a look at our cabochons and if you have any questions please contact me.
Please check our site regularly as we try to update as often as possible. If you want something special then contact us as we may have that material in stock and could custom cut the stone for you. All our stones are diamond polished with 50,000 diamond paste with a 3,000 diamond polished back.Some of the material we use is no longer mined and is very rare it comes from collectors collections.

They are cut with a 4 to 5mm flat side and flat back with low modern dome, a hand cut stone is different from a tumbled stone which will usually have a high dome and no sides

To contact Designer cabochons, or to discuss your custom cut stone requirements please e-mail


****Please note all the materials we use are naturally coloured, and are high quality rare stones.Each piece is unique and one off********

Write to us: Designer Cabochons, PO BOX 265, Ilkley West Yorkshire, England, LS29 1BX.

For mail only please do not send parcels through to this address.


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