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Hand Cut Mexican Purple sagenite Cabochon
A agate from Durango in Mexico old time vintage
material with sagenite in gold and purple
It Measures 37mm by 28mm 5mm Thick
It Costs £13.00GBP



Hand Cut rare Coyamito Agate Cabochon
Mexico not far from where Laguna Agate is found
Coyamito Agates are among the most beautiful and precious of the agates of Northern Mexico.
Coyamito can contain intense colors of red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and brown
It Measures 46mm by 25mm 5mm Thick
It Costs £12.00GBP



Hand Cut Moroccan Seam Agate Cabochon
Lovely tan moroccan seam agate with drusy pockets
It Measures 25mm by 17mm 5mm Thick



Hand Cut St Johns Flower Agate Cabochon
A very rare 20 year old agate from the town of St John Arizona collectors material of red and black plumes the material has several healed lines below the surface it is the nature of the material not faults
It Measures 42mm by 18mm 5mm Thick



Hand Cut Large Turkish Stick Agate Cabochon
A new material for us is this Turkish Stick agate lovely unique material of brown formations within clear agate
there is a round line under the surface hence price drop
It Measures 47mm by 22mm 5mm Thick
It Costs £13.00GBP



Hand Cut Noreiga Lace Agate Cabochon
This super rare type of lace agate comes from Mexico
It has bright bands and fortification with a stunning pattern
It measures 40mm by 23mm 5mm thick.


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